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Empties, Declutters and Project Pans

July to September 2017 Empties

December 2, 2017

It’s almost December and I haven’t yet posted this empties post until today. Alas, let’s get on with it, you’re here to read what I think about these products after all.

Elizabeth Arden Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I received this in a gift set, but I believe it is available from Edgars. It worked really well and really easily. It’s something that I would purchase for myself.

Clicks Skin Care Collection Vitamin C+ SPF15 Day Cream

This is a pretty decent face cream. It’s also good value for money. Not the most amazing, but it’s definitely something I’d buy again.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

I bought into the hype and bought this concealer in toasty beige. I found that it does not have a lot of coverage so it’s mostly good for contouring. I don’t like the brush applicator, as I can’t clean it, I find it unhygienic. The price of these has increased dramatically, which is fine, cause I probably won’t purchase it again.

Basic Make up sponges

I threw away my UBU beauty blender and foundation brush and ended up with nothing to apply foundation with. I bought a pack of these and they’re working well for the time being (that is until I can find another decent brush or blender). They’re great for popping in my gym bag as well.

Essence Eyeliner pen

I normally love this eyeliner pen, but this one dried out so quickly. I should have thrown it out a long time ago. I would definitely repurchase this baby and hope that it won’t dry out as quickly.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used. I’ve always said, “a mascara is a mascara is a mascara”, and this baby changed my mind. It made my lashes so long, defined and it curled perfectly. If you’re in PE, it can be bought at Woolworths in Walmer Park. I’m not sure how much it retails for, but I can assure you that it’s worth the splurge.

Wet ‘n Wild matte lipstick in Bare it All

If you’ve been following my Winter 2017 project pan (which I’ve been I bought this lipstick before I learnt that it was a dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy. It is a wonderful nude that matched my skin tone perfectly. The formula takes a while for it to set and dry down to a matte, I think around 45 minutes. But once it does it stays on for ages.

Cutex Ultra Quick nail polish remover

Do you have products that you know you need to finish but just never reach for? This nail polish remover is one of those products. The Cutex brand is one that I used over and over, but once I learnt of the wonders of acetone, I never looked back. Until I discovered this nearly empty bottle at the back of my cupboard. Would I buy it again? Yes, but only if I couldn’t find plain acetone.

Random brush

A random, cheap brush that’s hard, can’t pick up eyeshadow and hurts my eyes when I try to apply it. Into the bin, it goes.

Pnp Cotton Wool Roll

It’s a pretty good product. I used it for my Medi-Heel treatments. It was easy to tear apart into a thin layer. Would definitely repurchase.

Clicks smooth sealed cotton pads

I prefer these cotton pads over the ones I’ve purchased at Dischem. They hold their shape really well so I would definitely repurchase them.

Essence Merry Berry hair fragrance

This hair fragrance is another product that I put in my winter project pan. I loved it so much, as it had a lovely vanilla scent. The scent is strong enough to smell, but it does not get overwhelmingly strong. The only disappointment is that the glitter particles in the spray do not actually show on the hair. This is a great product if your hair is clean but you’ve been in a smelly area (such as a braai) and you need to freshen it up. It was, unfortunately, a limited edition product.

Loreal Paris Studio Curl Power

This mousse is so old. I can’t recall when I bought it. The only reason why it survived my previous declutters, is that I kept telling myself I would use it when I let my hair dry naturally. I used it once and remembered why I haven’t used it for years. It makes my hair feel hard. So I’m leaving helmet hair behind and tossing this in the bin.

Keralong Argan Oil

I love this oil. It’s thin enough for regular use. I used it when I wash my hair and then applied it every 2 or 3 days from my ears to my ends. It helped my damaged ends look semi-healthy. If I knew where to buy this, I would purchase it.

Dark and Lovely Amla Legend replenishing hair mask

This is a very decent hair mask, however, I found that it was too heavy for my fine hair. I couldn’t leave it on my hair for longer than 5 to 10 minutes, else my hair would be oily and stringy. I enjoy making deep treatments out of my masks and leaving it on for 30 minutes but that was definitely a no-no with this mask.

Nicki Minaj The Pink Print

This perfume was a Christmas gift I bought myself two years ago. I absolutely loved the perfume and the bottle is stunning. It has a lovely sweet and citrus smell and is definitely what I consider a happy or summer smell. I seriously contemplated keeping the empty bottle as a decor piece. Eventually, I had to tell myself, I have too many actual decor pieces which I already do not have space for. I would repurchase and if I had space, keep the bottle once I finished the perfume.

Lentheric I heart vanilla

I love vanilla scents so it is no surprise that I enjoyed this body spray. My only gripe is that it does not all day. I would repurchase.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

I really love this perfume, however, I find that it’s out of my price range. It has a floral and fruity scent that is light, yet lasts all day. It reminds me of warm days at the beach.

Hugo Boss

I cannot recall the name of this tester, which is probably a good signal to you that I don’t love it, and probably wouldn’t buy it (because if I did, I wouldn’t have forgotten it).

Mitchum Advance Control Roll on

If you’ve been keeping up with my previous empties posts, you’ll know that this is a staple on my beauty shelf. As a sweaty lass, few products work well. For the most part, it stops me from sweating and if I do sweat it helps keep the sweat smell away.

Shield Germ Defence Roll on

If you sweat a normal amount, this would probably work well for you. For me, not so much. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t fantastic as it didn’t last all or for most of the day. This roll on was a freebie in my gift bag from the 2017 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon. I ended up using it, as normally I keep a back up of the Mitchum one, but forgot to buy one before I ran out of it.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

I haven’t used Dove cream bar in a while. So when I got this sample in a magazine, it was a nice reminder of what a great product their cream bar is. I would definitely purchase a bar for myself.

Magnolia Tissue Oil

This tissue oil is also another regular staple on my beauty shelf. It’s sold at PEP stores for a mere R 20, which is a great thing as I go through at least one bottle a month. It works well for uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and stretch marks. I keep one in my gym bag, one on my beauty shelf and one as a backup.

Have you used any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Also, let me know in the comments what other products you’ve used up recently.

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Thanks for reading!

Empties, Declutters and Project Pans

Winter 2017 | Project Pan Roulette

June 30, 2017

This Winter 2017 Project Pan Roulette post has been sitting in my drafts since 09 June, so it’s a bit late. Yikes. I’m attempting to cut down on most of my beauty products by using them up and where needed decluttering items. For the most part, I’ve been doing quite well in both using up products and decluttering them. However, I feel that I’ve come to a point where I am stagnant with the products that I’m finishing/getting rid of. With the exception of perfume, many of my empties consist of skincare which I buy on a regular basis. So most of the beauty items I have, are not getting used up. I’ve reached the point, where I am quite hesitant to declutter. Make up can be quite pricey, throwing away products that can’t be given to someone, is kinda wasteful.

So what better way to solve this than to have an official project pan? I’ve officially started it on 07 June and it will end on 31 August 2017.

What is a Project Pan Roulette?

A normal project pan is when you select a bunch of products and try to use them up in a certain timeframe. With a project pan roulette, you have a list of categories (which can be found here). Using a random number generator or drawing numbers out of a bowl, you select 10 categories (or however many categories you want). The time frame is also up to you.

I decided to go with the Project Pan Roulette as it forces me to use makeup items I normally wouldn’t use. It forces me to step out of my comfort zone. Also, I think 3 months is a good timeframe. It’s not too long (to drag out) and not too short (so I’ll be able to actually finish some/most of the products). For this Winter 2017 Project Pan Roulette, I used Google’s random number generator. These were the categories I drew:

An item with beautiful packaging

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lipstick in Rouge

The tube of this lipstick is so pretty. Unfortunately, I don’t normally wear such bold lipstick. Then again, fortunately, it’s winter so bold lippies are normally in for the season.

A drugstore item

Wet ‘n Wild matte lipstick in Bare it All

I bought this lipstick before I found out it is a dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy. I love this shade and lipstick’s formula. This lipstick is the closest I’ve every gotten to finishing a lipstick. I kind of feel like it’s cheating to put Bare it All in this project because there’s so little left. But, I have another lipstick to work through and I really want to make some good progress.

A blush

Wet ‘n Wild Mellow Wine

I’ve had this blush for nearly 2 years. I’ve used it more than any of the blushes I own (actually I use it about 90% of the time) and I only hit pan on it two weeks ago! Just to compare how long it is taking me to use up this blush. I bought highlighter for the first time last year and I hit pan on it a few months after buying it. I’m not going to pan another one of my blushes until this old faithful is used up! 

A product in a palette

Essence All I Need Colour Correcting palette – light beige

Gosh, another cheat item. There’s a relatively large pan on this already. But in my defence, I take a while to use up concealer. This I normally use as a base for my eyeshadow. It helps make the shadows pop and last longer. My aim is to completely use the light beige shade up. Cream products tend to go off quickly, so even though there’s a large pan showing, I need to use this concealer.

An item that was a gift

Elizabeth Arden eyeliner in Smokey Black

This eyeliner is part of an Elizabeth Arden gift set that my brother gave me a while back. I lost the pencil for a while, but now that it’s  found it needs to be finished.

A lip item

Essence lip pencil in Femme Fatale

Initially, I had selected Elizabeth Arden’s lip pencil in Sugared Kiss as it goes well with the Wet n Wild Bare it All lipstick. Then I realised if I finished the lipstick early on, I wouldn’t be able to pair it with my the Elizabeth Arden Rouge lipstick. That’s why I picked this lip pencil. I’d be able to use it with the red lipstick I’m trying to use up. It’s a win-win!

Something Fun

Essence Merry Berry Hair Fragrance

This was part of Essence Merry Berry limited edition, which they had I believe the year before last. The scent is lovely, but it doesn’t have much shimmer. It’s a great product if you’ve been to a braai and you can’t wash your hair but need to cover up the smoke smell.

An item in a colour you don’t normally wear

Catrice Petrol keeps me running

This is a stunning blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow is so hard to get right.  Whenever I wear this eyeshadow I fear I look like a 90s hot mess. My fear is even greater considering that I’m also trying to use up a red lipstick. This shadow was de-potted and the container that I kept it in fell and all of the shadows broke, with the exception of this one and a silver and lilac duo. I was considering throwing it away, but I realised that I may need it for an event later in the year. I am not going to buy blue eyeshadow again just to wear it once before throwing it away. No darlings, I’m also doing this project pan to cut down on spending. My aim is to get a generous dip in it. There’s no way I am able to completely use up a nearly full container of blue eyeshadow in 3 months.

An item of your choice

Colour Pop Bill Eyeshadow

This is a lovely matte brown that’s great for all over the lid colour. I read somewhere that Colour Pop’s shadows dry out and expire quickly. I have only swatched this (I tend to overlook my single shadows and reach mostly for my palettes) and I really don’t want it to go to waste. It’s such a versatile colour it can be used for many looks. I also do not expect to finish this shadow, but I would like to make a generous dip.

Something you’ve already hit pan on

Colour Pop highlighter in Wisp

If you ever see my highlight on fleek, it is this baby right here. I even have a backup. There are 4 highlighters in my Carli Bybel palette, so logic is telling me to give the backup away, but I don’t know. I only started using highlighters last year and I already have a huge pan on Wisp, which tells you how much I love this highlighter.

And that’s my pick. I’m hoping to finish at least 5 items. Wish me luck!

Have you ever done a project pan before? Let me know in the comments below.

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Empties, Declutters and Project Pans

January to March 2017 Empties

March 20, 2017

Although we’re only two-thirds of the way into March, I needed to do this post. I couldn’t keep holding onto my empty products as they were taking up too much space. When I photograph my empties, I also go through my stash to see what needs to be decluttered. So these things taking up space kind of goes against the main purpose of decluttering.

GHD Curl Hold Spray

This product is technically a declutter. I’ve had it for many years. every time I decluttered my make up and skincare items, I always tell myself “I’m going to use it.” Long story short, I never did. In terms of holding curls, it didn’t do much for me.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic Spray

Much like the GHD spray, I also had this for years with the intention of using it. It also didn’t give much of a shine to my hair.

O So Heavenly Intensive Overnight Heel Repair Cream

This is also a declutter. I’ve also had this for a very long time and it expired, as it changed consistency. It worked okay, I’d probably repurchase it.

Elim MediHeel Tonic

The Elim MediHeel treatment saved my feet. Seriously. In a foot peel review I had done a while ago, I spoke about my feet problems. And the MediHeel treatment is amazing. The kit can be bought online or by select salons. I still have half a bottle of the neutraliser, but I intend on purchasing the kit again soon.

Pnp Cotton Wool Roll

I purchased this to use with the MediHeel treatment, but once my cotton pads were used up, I also used it for my face. It’s pretty decent, and I’d buy it again.

Clicks Camphor Cream

On a beauty group on Facebook, I found a recipe for a stretch mark removal cream, using camphor cream and Grandpa sachets. I tried it, but the Grandpa left white specks on my skin. To be honest, I didn’t notice much difference in my stretch marks using the recipe. I have better results with consistent use of tissue oil.

Mitchum Roll on

I buy this every month. It’s a staple in my routine, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish sponge on cream makeup

I received this foundation years ago from Beauty Bulletin when I wrote for them. It blends well into the skin and gives a natural finish. Realistically, it’s probably expired. So in the trash it goes.

Ezee Gel in Pastel Pink

This gel has gone clumpy. I still have my UV lamp so I’d probably purchase it again, but in a different colour.

Unbranded clear nail vanish

I got this in a nail kit. The varnish is very thin and chips easily. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Unbranded facial sponge

I’m not sure if I purchased this as Clicks or at Dischem. It done a great job removing my makeup. I would repurchase.

African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Face Wash

I’m really beginning to love the African Extracts Rooibos range. They’re affordable and does a good job. This face wash does a great job at cleaning my face without being harsh. I’ve already purchased another bottle.

African Extracts Rooibos Eventone Moisturiser

Normally I use the moisturiser in the blue bottle (I can’t recall what it’s called), but it was sold out. So I picked up this one. It works well. I’d probably repurchase.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum Hand Cream

I look the Frosted Plum scent. The moisturiser is really good and you only need the tiniest amount. The scent also lasts long. I would repurchase, but at the moment I have a bunch of hand lotions and I take forever to finish one.

Avon Luck for her EDP, body lotion and body spray

I love the Avon Luck For Her range. I’ve previously declutter Luck la Vie and I’m sad that both scents are now done. I didn’t finish all of the products together, but all around the same time.I haven’t purchased perfume in nearly two years and I’ve finally reached an amount of perfumes that I’m comfortable with. I have two large bottles and two deluxe sized samples. So I’ll only consider purchasing perfume again once I finish another bottle.

The Body Shop Shower Gel in Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry

The only difference from normal The Body Shop shower gels and these, are the scents. Both are nice, but I prefer the Glazed Apple. These were part of The Body Shop’s Christmas collection two years back, so I don’t think these are available any more.

The Body Shop Shimmer Lotion in Glazed Apple

This shimmer lotion was also a part of The Body Shop’s Christmas collection a few years back. Although I love the shimmer, it gets on EVERYTHING. Whenever I used this, my clothes shimmered as well. I have one bottle left in Frosted Cranberry, and I can’t wait to use it up. Two weeks ago I bought body lotion for the first time in over a year. This is only because I don’t like using this lotion at the gym.

Bramley Magnolia tissue oil

If you’ve been reading my empties and declutter posts for a while, you’ll know that i decluttered a nearly full bottle of the Bramley’s Cocoa Butter tissue. Unlike the Cocoa Butter version, the Magnolia scent doesn’t leave a film like feeling on my skin and it absorbs well. The best part is it’s only R20! I’ve already repurchased two bottles, one for my gym bag and one for use at home.

Clicks Tissue Oil

I’ve written about the Clicks Tissue Oil before. I enjoy using it and would repurchase it again. But, the Magnolia tissue oil is cheaper and it works just as well (if not better). It’s still more affordable than most other tissue oils on the market.

Yardley Gorgeous body lotion sample

I found this sample amongst my makeup and told myself to just use it up. And so I did. The scent is nice, and the lotion decent. I’d only purchase a full body if I bought the perfume.

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Empties, Declutters and Project Pans

December 2016 Empties

January 16, 2017

Better late than never, but with good reason. I’ve recorded a Youtube video. I recorded and edited it a while ago but it needed a voice over and only got around to doing it recently. The video is a bit weird, as my face cannot be seen. That’s because I washed my hair, with the intention of blow drying it, but it was too hot to use a hairdryer and my make up was melting off my face.

Check out the images of the products I mention in the video below.

Sinful Colours

I’ve had to let go of Queen of Beauty (silver glitter), San Francisco (green) and Secret Admirer (black shimmer). San Francisco is probably my ultimate favourite shade from the brand. I’d repurchase it again, once I get my nail polish collection down to a manageable size.

Planet Nails Acetone

Their acetone is as good as any. It’s also more affordable than most, so I’d repurchase.

Black Up

Lip Crayons

I received these Black Up Lip Crayons from Beauty Bulletin, when I used to write reviews for them. When I first received them, I think I was a complete newbie in the beauty world, and didn’t understand or appreciate the shades as I do now. I wish they hadn’t expired, but they have so I have to toss them.

10 – Deep red with blue undertones.

05 – Bright red with orange undertones.

12 – Purple. When swatching 12 I could immediately tell that it was expired. It became sheer and the texture changed.

To be honest I’m not sure if I’d repurchase them. I have so many lipsticks, that a few of them are similar shades to these.

Eye pencils

The eye pencils do not have names or numbers, so I’ll describe them by shade. The first is bronze and the second is a champagne-gold shade. They were both still smooth and the colour payoff was still good. However, eyes are such a sensitive area that I really don’t want to risk it.

Essence Eyeliner Pen

This is a really good and affordable liquid liner pen.  It’s not the most intense black, but the tip holds up really well. I think this is my second one. I purchased the Essence advent calendar last year and got a new one in it. I’d probably get another one once that is dry.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I’ve been through a few of these mascaras. Great Lash is reliable and affordable. I like that it’s buildable without getting clumpy. I’d repurchase in a heart beat.

Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls

This product has gotten so many good reviews I had to get my hands on it, but what a disappointment. This is the original shade, and it does absolutely nothing for me. It’s been tucked away at the back of my cupboard and I’m pretty sure it’s expired. I won’t be repurchasing.

Unknown branded products

This is bunch of products I purchased from a Chinese shop. The black eyeliner was hard and dragged my eyelid so I never used it. The matt lipsticks I bought with the intention of getting the LA Girls matt lipsticks to compare them to. I swatched these on my inner arm and they stained them so badly, I thought that there is no way I am putting it any where near my lips.

I needed white foundation for a Harry Potter dress up party and wasn’t willing to fork out so I got this powder foundation. It worked well, but while I was going through my products to declutter, I saw these dots on it which is why it’s going into the bin.

The nude palette I bought from Born Pretty Store. The colour pay off is good, but the shadows are extremely chalky and do not last long. I eventually only ended up using it for costume looks.  I also often used the shadows wet and if you wet a shadow, it ends up going bad faster.

The Body Shop Tree Tea range

I love the Body Shop. When I first used the night lotion in their tree tea range I went and bought a bunch of other products from the range. Unfortunately not all of the products worked as well as. The Skin Clearing lotion is very light, and is probably best for people with oily skin. I need something that’s more moisturising. The Skin Clearing toner I had to throw away. I bought it without looking at the ingredients so I didn’t realise that it contains alcohol. Every time I used this toner it felt like my face was on fire. It literally felt like it was burning, I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or something else, but this had to be thrown away. I really enjoyed the Foaming Cleanser, and would probably repurchase.

Clicks Purifying Nose Pore Strips

These done absolutely nothing to my pores. Nothing. Instead of peeling off my nose, the “gluey” part stuck to my skin. I wasted my money on these.

Organics Aloe Vera & Herb Shampoo

I bought this recently because I needed to use up the Dischem Beauty Treats conditioner in my stash. I’ve used Organics for years, so I would probably buy it again, but not often as it’s sulfate content is high.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Ginger Keratin Rinse

I kind of forgot about this rinse as it was tucked away at the back of my bathroom cupboard. I’m pretty sure it’s expired as I’ve had it for years. Probably wouldn’t purchase it again.

Dark n Lovely Ultra Cholesterol

If you have dry and damaged hair, or chemically treated hair, hair cholesterol is probably the best thing ever. The only reason why I bought the Dark n Lovely one is because I couldn’t find my favourite brand’s version. I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or just constantly sold out (it’s the Soft n Free Hair Cholesterol). This one works well, but I find that I can’t leave it too long on my hair, else it will get oily very fast. I would repurchase, but only if I can’t find the Soft ‘n Free version.

Dischem Beauty Treats Raspberry Conditioner

Why did I buy this? Oh yes, I wanted to do a DIY with it that I never got around to doing. It doesn’t do much conditioning and the raspberry fragrance smells like plastic. I’d probably not buy this again.

Kair Silcone Spray

My mom gave this to me. Honestly, the Kair Silcone Serum is 100 times better than this. The bottle’s not even empty. I wouldn’t purchase one for myself.

Kair Restoring Placenta

This is another item given to me by my mother. I didn’t see any difference in my hair when I used this. I also wouldn’t purchase one for myself.

Avon Femme Body Lotion and Body Spray

I bought this along with the EDP (which is only half way finished). It is a light floral and fruity scent that I enjoyed. It can be worn on an everyday basis without being overwhelming. I would repurchase, but I am still going through a few other lotions and body sprays.

Clicks Tissue Oil

I go through tissue oil so fast these days. I quite literally use a bottle a month (I’ve already finished a bottle as I’m writing this post). I have however seen a big difference in my stretch marks. AT first I hated the fragrance, but now I’ve gotten used to it. I would definitely be repurchasing this tissue oil.

Enjoy Flirty Fun Body Wash

This goody was a part of the first #ECMeetup’s goodie bag. It quite literally smelled like sweets, which obviously means that I loved it. I would purchase it for myself, however I must say I finished this bottle quite fast.

Avon Mystique Body Wash

I can’t remember much about this body wash. Avon makes good body washes and they’re often on promotion, so I’d probably buy one again.

Dove Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla Body Wash

I’m not sure where I got this sample, but it pretty good. I took this along when I travelled as the size of the bottle was convenient. I would purchase a full size bottle.

Narciso Rodriguez for EDP

This perfume has a fruity and floral scent. It smells of roses and peaches and if I  didn’t have a bunch of other perfumes to finish, I’d buy a bottle in a heartbeat.

Avon Toasted Macadamia Nut Foot Lotion

The Avon Footworks collection works well and is well priced. I’m not a big fan of the scent, but enjoyed the formula. I’ve already purchased another tube in a different scent that I love.

In terms of finishing products and decluttering, December was a good month and January is looking to be another good one.

Empties, Declutters and Project Pans

July to October 2016 Empties

November 21, 2016

It’s been a while since my last empties post so this one is jam packed. Finishing so many products gives me a feeling of accomplishment. There are a few items that I’m decluttering, but the majority are items that I’ve finished. As there’s so many that needs to be worked through, let me get onto the reviews.

Beauty Empties 6

Body Products

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Sorbet and Body Butter

As with nearly every scent in The Body Shop’s range, I love Fuji Green Tea. It’s different from the normal fruity scents that they have, but in a good way. It is light and subtle and not overwhelming. I don’t recommend using the sorbet in winter, it’s not moisturising enough, but it’s perfect for warm weather when only a light moisturiser is needed. I would repurchase both products. Continue Reading