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The Valley Market Port Elizabeth

June 30, 2016
The Valley Market Bouquet

It’s Thursday so this is more of a throwback Thursday post, as these photos have been taken some time ago. It’s from when the Valley Market was still held at Werk. For a long time, I contemplated whether or not I should post these pics, because maybe I’m being overcritical. I decided to go ahead because I can only getter better from here, I hope.

If you’re from the Port Elizabeth area, unless you’ve been living under a rock or too focused on your work to notice anything else, you’d have heard of The Valley Market.

Admittedly I’ve only been to the market twice, the first time being when it opened at Werk in the historic Baakens Valley. It was so full, I could literally not move in certain areas. Despite arriving around 10AM, most of the exhibitors were either sold out or on the verge of selling out. The organisers have since changed the venue and exhibitors have since adapted their supply. My favourite exhibitors were Sjukla (I am a sucker for nearly anything chocolate) and Red Band Cafe (they make a mean chai latte). I will admit that I haven’t attended it since they’ve moved, either I forget or I have something on already.

The Valley Market Entrance

When the market was at Werk, it was partially outdoors.

The Valley Market?

Originally described as Port Elizabeth’s first artisanal food fair, this market focuses on local exhibitors. The exhibitors include various food and beverage stalls and a selection of handmade jewellery, decor and clothes.

R10 gets you in and part of the proceeds goes to charity.

Here are a few snaps (that make the cut).

The Valley Market Protea

The Valley Market Sjukla


The Valley Market Flora

There aren’t really that many fresh flower stalls, I was just really attracted to the ones that were there.

When is the next Valley Market?

It takes place the first Saturday of every month, so the next market is 2 July 2016. It is at the Old Tramsway Building on the corner of Lower Valley Road and Union Street.

The Valley Market Drinks

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How to prepare for The Color Run Port Elizabeth

June 7, 2016
The Color Run Port Elizabeth

The Color Run Port Elizabeth is happening this Sunday 12 June 2016. Also known as The Happiest 5km on Earth, this is a color race with four color zones, where runners are covered in bright (and safe) powder. Port Elizabeth has been one of the event cities since it arrived in South Africa and this year the event has a new route that starts at the Boardwalk Festival Lawns. The great thing about this event is that it is untimed. When I was at university I belonged to an Amateur Athletics club (I know right now I don’t look like I did, but I was). I was one of those people who ran 10km races for fun, but I was one of the slowest runners in my club, so I was consistently pushing myself to be faster. Because the Color Run is untimed, there’s no pressure to run a PB, all you need to focus on is having fun. If you’ve never walked, jogged or run 5km before, I can assure that anyone can do it. Unless you have a medical condition you can complete it. This guide on how to prepare for the event won’t focus on your athletic capabilities, but on how you can have an awesome and fun time.

How to prepare for The Color Run Port Elizabeth

Wear white

The color shows up best on white and or light clothing. Just don’t wear anything that you’ll have difficulty in cleaning. The color powder will wash out of your clothes, but rather be on the safe side.

The Color Run Port Elizabeth Hair

Dress Up

This race is all about fun. Tutus are a popular choice. Be innovative and stand out from the crowd. I have a few metres of tulle, which I’m thinking of making into a tutu. I’ve already been on Pinterest to see the different options that I could make.

Go as a group

You know how the saying goes, “The more, the merrier”. Get at least 3 other people and you can register as a group and get to choose a fun name. The run is suitable for people of all ages (children under 10 enter for free) so bring your family and friends. Also if you register as a group, you get a discount.

Bring along a ziplock bag

What’s the point of doing the Color Run if you’re not going to take photos? This is where a ziplock bag comes in. Keep your camera lens and phone clean by putting them in a clear ziploc bag. The event’s website recommends plastic wrap, which could be more convenient .

Wear sunglasses

The colored powder is made from cornstarch and is safe, but getting it into your eyes won’t be fun. So rock a pair of sunnies.

The Color Run Port Elizabeth Sunglasses

Have fun

See you at The Color Run Port Elizabeth!

For more information and purchase your ticket check out the Port Elizabeth event’s Facebook page.

Images all via Pixabay.

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Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet – Bird Street ArtEC with Colours of You SA

May 30, 2016
Girl shoes with confetti

This past Saturday, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism hosted it’s third instameet, and the first in collaboration with Colours of You SA. At the Eastern Cape Bloggers Meetup, Nadine from Keep Passing the Open Windows told me about the Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet. She attend two before and encouraged me to join the next one as they were fun and a fun way to meet new people. So when Anje from Going Somewhere Slowly sent the email on the latest instameet, I prepared my kit (if I have can even be considered as a kit) and trotted along.

I went alone, you know being an introvert and all, attending events on your own can be daunting (especially when you’re living in a small city), but I’ve been doing this for a while and I feel like I’ve got this down. There was quite a large group, larger than I expected and when I arrived my introversion nearly got the best of me as I considered sneaking back to my car under the pretence of having forgotten something and left. I’m glad I didn’t.

There was a wide variety of people at the  Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet. From bloggers to instagrammmers (well obviously Odette), to hobby photographers and professionals. Young and old alike took part in the day. There were people with fancy DSLRs and trusty ol’smartphones. The guys at Colours of You SA brought along colour bombs and confetti and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism brought shades for every one and ensured that security was close by to ensure that we were all safe while navigating the city. The instameet began at the ArtEC building and we went down to the Old Museum building, then to Elsen school, Trinder Square, the Athaneum and lastly Fort Frederick. It’s was fun, free and suitable for the whole family. The Instameets are held on a monthly basis, so check out their Facebook pages to keep an eye out for the next one.


Here are a few shots I took at the event.

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Harbour

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Gas Mask

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Rugby

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Little Photographer

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Colour Bomb

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Elsen

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Empty House

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Man with guitar

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Ladies Helping

Nelson Mandela Bay Instameet Athaeneum

You can find more photographs from the event on #ShareTheBay, #MyNelsonMandelaBay & #ColoursofYouSA. While you’re there, you should follow me as well.

Places to eat

Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Super Breakfast

December 10, 2015

Last Saturday I was invited to enjoy the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Super Breakfast.  I think we can all agree that buffet breakfasts are the best so of course I said yes after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The Radisson Blu Super Breakfast is a brand standard offered at all Radisson Blu’s across the globe. At the Port Elizabeth hotel, it is offered in the dining area on the first floor. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Manager Carlos Taag, who took me to my table, where I had a short interview with the Executive Chef.
Jonathan Hodder
According to Executive Chef Jonathan Hodder, what sets the the Radisson Blu’s Super Breakfast apart from breakfast buffets is the amount of thought put into planning the meals. The items in the buffet are not randomly selected with whatever is in stock. The needs and wants of the hotel brand’s guests, as well as food trends have been analysed to select the core breakfast items of the buffet. You can go to any Radisson Blu hotel in the world, and find the same breakfast items on offer, with the same quality. In addition, each hotel may have a selection of other items on offer, but the core foods will remain the same. Being a part of one of the world’s largest hotel brands, the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth, caters for a largely international clientele, so their clients will be able to travel to any of the brand’s hotels in the world and find the breakfast items that they love.

Seeds and nuts

Hodder also mentioned that in 2016 the brand will be changing the items on offer.

Dried peaches

The items currently on offer cater for a variety of different dietary requirements. There is literally something on offer for everyone, from vegans and health conscious to carb lovers and everyone in-between you’ll have a wholesome breakfast that you love.

Mixed breads

You’ll find seeds, nuts, yoghurt, fresh fruit, muffins, a variety of bread, eggs (made how you like them) and bacon, amongst many other items on offer.

Drinking coffee

The Super Breakfast at the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth

I started my meal with a cappuccino. For me, a good cappuccino or coffee is dependant on whether or not I have to put sweetener in. If I do, then it’s bad. I took this photo after I’ve had a few sips and as you can tell, the milk heart is still in shape, so this cup got two thumbs up from me.

Pastries in basket

Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Pastries in basket 2


I started the meal like any carb lover should, with pastries and cake. These are a decent size, as one won’t fill you. If you enjoy eating like myself, you’ll know this is a good thing because it means that you’ll be able to try more of the different foods in the buffet. Which is why I was able to take three.

Pastries on plate

I then followed this by some salad with smoked salmon (which was divine) and salami. I took a small amount as I intended to finish the meal with some bacon and eggs, but by the time I was done I was full. I think this is due to the fact that I started with pastries. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy.

Salmon and salami on plate

What I really liked was the layout of the eating area. I won’t claim to be a world traveller, but my experience of buffets at other hotels in South Africa is that the entire buffet is would literally be a linear counter along the wall, with parts of it open where you can make requests and of course there’d be a separate area for drinks. What normally happens with a setup like this, is that queue forms and you end up waiting a while for your food, especially in busy periods such as breakfast and honestly, I don’t like queuing for food in a hotel, it makes the experience feel cheap.

Salmon roses

At the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth, the setup is done in such a way that this is avoided.  You’ll find an island and the counter is not linear but pops out from the wall (I, unfortunately, don’t have a photograph to demonstrate this). Along the wall, you’ll find water, fruit juices and the fruit and yoghurt bar. Connected to this counter in an l-shape is the salad bar where you’ll also get cheese slice and meat cuts such as smoked beef, salami, ham and my favourite, smoked salmon. It was so good I wanted to go for seconds, but I didn’t want to be known as “the blogger who cleared out the buffet”. Adjacent to this counter is the hot breakfast items such as bacon and eggs. I didn’t taste any of the hot food items at the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth as I was full by the time that I left.

Each area is setup to contain food that goes together, such as the fresh fruit and yoghurt bar, the muffins and pastry baskets are together, that one doesn’t have to go from area to another. I had two courses at the buffet and didn’t have to queue at any of the sections.

Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Cheeses
Did I mention that the hotel has both indoor and outdoor dining areas? Many of the seats have views of the pool and some have ocean views. The pool also has a number of deck chairs, which I reckon is a good spot for an after breakfast nap.

Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Cheese and meat
I only have compliments about the service that I received. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy the buffet, but I’m sure being one has its perks. The general public can also enjoy the Super Breakfast at a cost of R160 per person. It is open from 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM during the week and until 11:00 AM on weekends. On special periods such as Christmas and New Years Day, it is open up until 12:00.

If you don’t want to eat from the buffet, the Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth also has à la carte menu that has been designed by Hodder.

The Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Super Breakfast was delicious and calming, and if you’re in Port Elizabeth, you should pop in and experience it for yourself.