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Things I wish would make a comeback

October 14, 2015
mobile phone

I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately. Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be terrible. Nevertheless there are a number of things that I wish could make a comeback or be trendy again. In no specific order:

Phones with buttons

I am so over touch screen phones. After having one for 2 years, all I want is to have a smart phone that has actual buttons. The amount of spelling errors I make and mishaps I have when stalking people on line, is too damn high. More specifically can flip phones make a comeback please?

Ringer and Surburgatory

Sometimes I wonder how shows like Grey’s Anatomy get renewed for multiple seasons when good shows like Ringer and Surburgatory get cancelled after only a few.

Ringer was produced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who also acted in it, and it was cancelled after its first season. In the show, Sarah plays twins Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Marting. When Siobhan goes missing on a boating trip, Bridget pretends to be her. It was so intriguing and had one plot twist after another. It kept me on edge, not to mention that it also starred the handsome Ioan Gruffudd.

With three seasons under its belt, Surburgatory lasted a bit longer than Ringer. Its about George and Tessa Altman who moves from New York City to the suburb, Chatswin. The situations they find themselves in while trying to adapt to their new living situation are hilarious. To say I was disappointed when the show was cancelled, would be an understatement.

Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid Lip Gloss

The Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Lip Gloss was the first lip gloss I bought after upgrading from those glosses with the balls. It was the shade Firecracker Red and was on sale at Clicks for around R25 (if I recall correctly). Little did I know that it was on sale because it was being discontinued. Back then I prefer gloss over lipstick and I wish I bought another tube. It was a gorgeous shade that shined and glittered like crazy. If Maybelline ever brought a limited edition of it out again, I would definitely be purchasing a few tubes.

Plain t-shirts without any slogans

Do you know how hard it is to find plain shirts without some trendy phrase on it? And if you do find one, it’s either cropped or it’s so expensive I’d have to sacrifice an organ to afford one. Also just because I don’t want to wear a top with #YOLO on it, doesn’t mean I want to dress like a great-granny. Get it together stores!

My brain and my sanity

Oh dear, I think I’ve completely lost the plot.

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The deal with taxis

July 4, 2015

As I was writing this post I realised that it contained some South African terminology, which my international readers will not understand. So many of you guys would be confused as to why we’re riding on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Here’s explanations for some of the terms I’m using.

  • Taxi: A minibus that seats 12 to 18 people and transports them between certain points on a route. Most taxis operate on a specific route, so depending on where you need to go, you may need to take more than one taxi.
  • Van: another term for a taxi.
  • Robots: What we call traffic lights.
  • In South Africa we drive on the left hand side of the road.

Today I went to visit an old friend, but left early as I needed to get my car washed and head to Dischem to pick up a few items. On my way to the store, for a short while I rode behind a taxi. We approached a red robot. There was a steady stream of cars driving down the adjacent road, with occasional gaps. A woman on the opposite side of the road, walking towards the road, indicated to the taxi driver she wanted to get in it.  The taxi driver then took it upon himself to ride across while the robot was red for us. I thought there was no way she would actually get into a taxi that just jumped a red robot. Clearly I was wrong.

There were other people in the taxi when the driver jumped the robot. I’d reckon that any sensible person that would like to live to an old age, would not get into the vehicle driven by such a reckless person, who would risk the lives of others. Did those people in the taxi say anything? Many taxi drivers are reckless (I’m not generalising, there are good taxi drivers here but they seem to be outnumbered), but commuters can make the decision to not get into certain taxis and should speak up when the driver is being reckless.

Some people may say, ‘But you’re writing this, when you’re driving in a car’. That is besides the point. During most of my high school and university years I commuted via taxi. Over time I learnt which taxis to get into, and which not to get into. I’d recognise the stickers/markings of vans that I would/would not get into. I wouldn’t get into a van that was overloaded or that I knew often overloads. I wouldn’t get into a van playing really loud music (this started in my varsity days) or in ones that I knew had a reckless driver.  Sometimes this meant waiting for up to an hour before I would get into a van. In the end it was worth it, I was never in an accident while in a van. Why is this important? Because on my way home I saw a taxi fall onto its side.

I was driving down a main road and at one intersection I saw glass shards and pieces of a bumper. I drove past the debris, reminding myself to drive more carefully ( I was doing 60 kph in a 70 kph zone). Less than a kilometre down from the debris I was driving just past a three way intersection at a high school. A few metres ahead a group of five or so young men were walking in the opposite direction. I heard a bang but it did not sound like a car crash. In a split second I saw one of the young men lift give a loud exclamation while lifting his hands in disbelief.

As I looked in my mirror, a taxi that had turned right, fell on its side; a white car spun on the pavement then came to a standstill and seconds later a police car drove alongside the scene. Seeing the taxi fall over was very frightening and I was thankful that it did not roll. Part of me wanted to turn back. The police were already on the scene, so there was no need for anyone to contact emergency services. Besides, I have absolutely no first aid skills so I would be of no use and just be crowding the area.

Reckless taxi drivers won’t change because of complaints from people who ride in the comfort of their own cars. They’ll change if it is coming from their customers. Speak up if you’re in a taxi and the driver is reckless. Don’t get in if the driver jumps a red robot to pick you up. Get into a van where the driver respects you enough to not risk your life for a R10. Your life is worth more than taxi fare.

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Begin again

April 1, 2015

Like the prodigal son, I am back. At various points over the past year, I had told myself that I want to get back into blogging and freelancing. Being the proficient procrastinator that I am, it took 9 months to get a new blog post up. With regards to getting back into doing freelance work, I’m still working on that, and by working on that, I mean procrastinating.

What has happened over the past 9 months? Well not much that’s terribly exciting, mostly boring adult things such  getting a promotion at work, losing 14 kgs then picking up 2 kgs, and trying to figure out what I want with my life. Still haven’t got the last point down.

In addition to procrastinating, I hadn’t posted on OSI and the directory site that I created, due to me not knowing in what direction I wanted them to go. After much thought and wasting money on a domain and hosting, I decided to take the directory website and Facebook page down and not pursue that avenue. I will however be keeping the Twitter page, as I think some people do find it useful to share their new blog posts.

OSI will slightly be going in a new direction. I still want it to be a lifestyle blog, but would like to have it focus or reflect on the changes that I made in my life. Normally, I create my New Year’s Resolutions in February or March, but for 2015 I did it a bit early and made a conscious decision to better my health and work towards my goals. One of these goals is to lose 41 kgs. I’ve lost 14 kgs to date, but yolo’ing while on leave has resulted in me gaining 2 kgs. As I type this, I am eating a marshmallow easter egg. Not going to try and justify it by saying that I went to gym this morning and that my arm muscles are so sore that I can barely lift them above my head to do my hair (just so you know, I did and they are). I will be posting more about health and exercise, specifically what I am doing and my journey to becoming fit and healthy.

That’s all for my return to blogging. Hopefully you’re curious enough to come back and read my new posts.

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Are you sure you want to delete your account?

July 1, 2014

Having studied Media and Communications, I had always known that once you’ve published something on line, regardless of whether you delete it, it is on line for good. Over the past few years I’ve shared much of my life with the readers of this blog and people other social networks but I’ve always made sure that I do not share information that will risk my safety and the safety of those around me.

In December last year I deactivated my Facebook account. Not being on FB is not much of a difference in my life. I did not deactivate FB due to a security concern, but because I was annoyed by something every time I logged on. The only the thing that I miss about FB are the birthday reminders, but I have no regrets about my decision. I might rejoin it at a later stage.
Today I deleted my Instagram account (there’s no option to deactivate it). I Google’s my name (if you haven’t before you should try it sometime) as well as my blog’s name. On the first page I discovered a website that allows people to view Instagram on a PC, by displaying a user’s pictures. The issue that I had with this website was the way it was designed, it made it looked like I had an account (it even had a custom URL for my Instagram feed) on it. It was deliberating misleading. I can checked them out on twitter and others had the same issue and asked for their images to be removed (the website complied). Suddenly I remembered what my lecturer said, and I was worried about where else would my photographs be spread to. Which is why I promptly deleted my Instagram account. I might make a ghost account to follow some people, but most of the people I follow so already share their Instagram pics on Twitter so I don’t really feel the need.
I’ve also had an incident a bit while back where a blogger used my one of my photographs without crediting me. Or any one else whose photographs she uses.
In other privacy concerns, I’ve temporarily protected my Twitter account, but that’s a take for another blog post.


The end of OSI as you know it

April 21, 2014

My first blog Little City (circa. 2009) focused on hair care and hair styles. At that time I was utterly obsessed with my hair and haircare in general. I happened to stumble across Lovelyish, which was hosted on Xanga. Lovelyish is a fashion and beauty blog that had a strong focus on community, which convinced me to begin my blog. At that time, Jessica Misener was the Editor-in-Chief and I loved her quirky posts, but when Jess left Lovelyish, the website lost its touch. I also felt constrained by the limitations that I set upon myself by solely blogging about hair care and hair styles. I needed some new and after much consideration, O so inspired was born.

When I first started with OSI in May 2011, I wasn’t certain in what direction I wanted it to go in. This blog has changed directions a number of times, and will be once more. You see, since 2011 I’ve grown and changed and OSI no longer reflects who I am. I won’t be deleting OSI, but I will be deleting a number of posts. OSI will be converted into a website, which will contain a blog where I will be voicing my opinion on various topics. From the 142 published posts on OSI, only a handful will not be deleted. I’ve already begun deleting posts and the terrible Youtube videos I made were the first to go!
The irony is, late last year I put a lot of effort into growing OSI, and I’ll probably lose 95% of my readership. I know I’ve already lost quite due to my lack of posts over the past few months. There’s more changes to come, so thanks if you decide to stick around.