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A banting chicken pie recipe secretly filled with veggies

April 4, 2018

About a month ago I posted on my IG stories a few meals I made as meal prep for the week ahead and I received a bunch of requests from you guys to share the recipes. Naturally, my first reaction was to try and find Food Network’s number to inform them that they needed me to star alongside Siba and Jenny (also someone needs to show the channel how to make a proper gatsby, ciabatta is lekker but not for a gatsby). Just kidding, but not about the gatsby though. This banting chicken pie recipe was one of the meals I shared on my IG stories.

Many of the recipes I create I either base off an established recipe and make a bunch of changes, or I throw a bunch of ingredients together and hope for the best. This recipe was the former. Yonders ago I received a pdf of banting recipes from a coworker and was scrolling through it when I came across a chicken and spinach pie recipe that is made with cream cheese.

Now I didn’t have cream cheese on hand and I wasn’t about to go out and buy any so I replaced it with cream. Also, I felt that the recipe lacked vegetables so I added a small onion, green peppers and baby marrows. I also changed the spices used, but truth be told, the only spices in the recipe was salt and pepper, which is technically seasoning. And we all know life is too short for plain food. I came up with spinach and mushroom banting chicken pie recipe that’s flavoured with coriander.

A banting chicken pie recipe secretly filled with veggies

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Banting Tuna and Feta Quiche recipe that is easy to make

February 11, 2018

So today I created this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe after reading my pal Nadine’s protein filled quiche recipe on her blog which reminded me of the banting tuna bake recipe that I shared a while ago. So I combined the two recipes, made a few changes and came up with this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe.

Which made me think that I need to get back into meal planning as it would help me stay on track. Especially with breakfast as most mornings, I don’t have time to make a LCHF friendly breakfast. Because even though I lost 10kg since the start of the year, the last few weeks I’ve been struggling and my weight loss has stagnated. Anyway, that is for another post.

Pros of making this banting feta and tuna quiche recipe

This banting tuna and feta quiche recipe is super easy to make, and in terms of being actively being involved with the cooking is less than 20 minutes. This is why I love baked goods. Just toss stuff in the oven and Bob’s your uncle. It’s also great because it is relatively budget-friendly. I mean there’s cheese in it, but not a ton so that it would burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re following a low carb high-fat lifestyle you know how quickly the cost of meals can add up.

In order to not overpower the feta, I chose using a herb mix to season the dish. However one can definitely play around with spices. A dash of cayenne pepper, paprika and chilli flakes will give it a nice spicy flavour (make like my tuna bake recipe).

If you intend on eating the servings from this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe on it’s own, it makes 4 servings. But if you intend on having it with a side of vegetables or a green salad, will give you 6 servings.

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Almond Chia Smoothie Recipe

December 18, 2017

A few days ago I felt like something simple and nutritious for breakfast. Also, I was in a hurry so I made an Almond Chia smoothie recipe (I basically threw things together so I created this recipe, but it’s so basic I’m sure there are many variations of it). It reminds me of Kauai’s Chia Charge, which I used to love (it’s sadly no longer on their menu). All it takes is a few ingredients that we normally have at home.

I would have just grabbed the yogurt and a piece of fruit, but my yogurt was at the back of the fridge and managed to get partially frozen. So I threw together this smoothie recipe.

This Almond Chia smoothie recipe is for days

  • When you’re not sure what you want;
  • That you feel like something simple;
  • That you need to get out of the door quickly;
  • You feel like enjoying something healthy but’s also tasty.

almond chia smoothie recipe

I always try to keep the recipes that I post simple. So if you’re looking for more easy recipes be sure to click on my Recipes tab. There’s a few at the moment, but I have a few more planned. I just need to make them and take photos for the blog.

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Healthy braai alternatives I’ll be making this Braai Day

September 23, 2017

It’s almost Heritage Day, or as it’s commonly known Braai Day. I’ve been eating really unhealthily over the past week so this Braai Day I’ll be making some healthy braai alternatives. This doesn’t mean my meal’s going to be bland. In terms of the actual cooking, a braai is actually really healthy. Provided that you use fresh cuts of meat, no oils or added fats are added in the cooking process.

Healthy braai alternatives

Toss the marinade and spice it up instead

Braai meat is actually quite healthy, but marinades, especially store-bought, can contain bad fats (yes there’s such as good fats), sugar and other ingredients that are not good for our bodies (even though they taste so delicious). Using spices cuts down on calories, but make sure to read the labels to make sure there’s nothing hidden in the ingredients. A co-worker of mine sells a delicious homemade braai spice which can be used on nearly every kind of meat. I’ll be sprinkling this spice on my meat instead.

Have corn on the cob instead of bread rolls

What is a braai without a piece of meat on a roll with potato salad? It’s still a braai. Bread is probably one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever created.And braai bread is one of the best kinds of bread. But have you tasted freshly grilled corn on the cost with a dash of salt and a bit of butter? Delicious! Corn is a carb, so it can easily replace bread. And it’s a good carb (still needs to be eaten in moderation though). Try it with me, you’ll be munching on your cob long after you’ve eaten the corn.

Go green for a healthy braai

I don’t know about other areas, but in PE a braai should have 3 salads, being: potato, curried pasta and baked beans. As we all know, these are all carbs. Now add the standard braai rolls, the only none carb on the plate would be the meat! I will be replacing the salads with one salad, a delicious green salad with feta and avocado. Add some garlic vinaigrette and it is delicious!

I’m also thinking of getting some portobello mushrooms and grilling them on the braai. They’re also tasty with some cheese (in moderation). I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, so making use of these alternatives is at your own risk.

I’ll be sharing my meal on Sunday on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me on @osoinspired.

What are your plans this braai day? Let me know in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay


Super Easy & Delicious Banting Tuna Bake Recipe

June 7, 2017

For the past few days I’ve been trying to bant and I’ve actually succeeded to sticking to my eating plan (or lack thereof) for longer than 30 minutes. In order to stick to my eating plan (it’s not really an eating plan, I’m just trying to bant) I’ve realised that I need variety in my diet. It’s so easy to eat the same stuff over and over because of convenience. Generally my go to meals are omelettes, chicken salad or boiled eggs with salad. Eating the same things over and over can, and often does, lead me to temptation, aka sugar and carbs. I recently found a pasta tuna bake recipe that I tweaked and made into a banting friendly version. This Banting Tuna Bake Recipe is so tasty and delicious and easy that you’ll love it even if you’re not banting.

I like to think of this as a tuna bake, but it can also kind of be called a quiche. Tomato, potato, regardless of what you call it, this dish is delicious. Excuse the poor image quality, I haven’t been able to take decent pics of the dish as I normally make it at night, after work, when I am tired and the lighting is poor. So for the time being this will have to suffice.

banting tuna bake recipe

Banting Tuna Bake Recipe

This Banting Tuna Bake Recipe can be eaten as a meal on it’s own. But for this I’d cut down to four servings. It can also be served with a salad or a side of vegetables. It’s delicious with Honey Butter Cauliflower. It’s also super easy to make and can be made ahead and frozen (meal prep FTW!).

The cayenne pepper does not make the dish spicy, as very little is added. However, if you prefer it can left out. You can also change up the spices and add herbs (such as sweet basil) according to your preference. If you like you can also add a diced tomato, but that is once again dependent on your preference.

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Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried out this recipe.