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Speaking to myself at the gym

April 23, 2018

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that this 2018 I’ve been attempting a weight loss journey. As with most people who have fitness/health/weight loss as one of their new year’s resolutions, January went fantastic. After that my journey kind of went downhill from there (the journey, not the weight, unfortunately). In the month of January, I lost 8.8kg. February when I began to struggle, and binge-eat carbs, I lost 2.1kg. March I lost control completely and gained all that I lost in Feb. Currently, my weight loss is hovering around 7kgs lost and honestly, I can’t let myself gain all of it back.

I started off my weight loss journey with banting. The great thing about cutting out carbs and sugar is that you drop the weight quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sustain it. Firstly because you’re cutting out all processed foods, every meal needs to be prepared from scratch. Which meant so much cutting, chopping and peeling and a sink full of dishes for one meal. Then I started meal prepping, but unless I prepped multiple meals at once I found that 3 to 4 days into the week I’d be bored with my meals. And nothing good ever comes out of a combination of boredom and hunger. I’ve also come to realise that another reason why I realised I couldn’t sustain it, and probably the biggest reason why. There’s a strong possibility that I am an emotional eater. When I’m ticked off at someone, overwhelmed, stressed out, or upset or sad for any reason, carbs become bae. I just need to remind myself, when I’m binge-eating carbs, I’m cheating on my potential to be the next Beyonce 😉

Last week I’ve worked out twice, on Monday and Wednesday. And on both days, I really struggled. One of the workouts I enjoy doing is Fitness Girl ZA’s Plyometric Pyramid treadmill workout. The workout provides the gradients for the workout, but the speed is up to you. I normally walk at a speed between 5 and 5.3, which is a challenge but a doable challenge. On Monday I did the workout on 5, and my pelvis hurt so much while doing it, that instead of doing the whole 45 minutes, I only did 30 and went into the studio to do some strength training and ab work. On Wednesday I also went to gym, I didn’t feel like doing the treadmill and decided to join the spin class and I struggled so much. Normally I find spin classes really enjoyable, but I suffered.

In order to finish the class I kept telling myself, exercise is not a punishment for my body, bit a reward. And honestly, if it were not for that mantra I would have probably gotten off the bike halfway through the class. The only reason why I kept repeating this mantra is because I read somewhere, negative thoughts cannot create a positive live. And you know what, telling myself that exercise is not a punishment for my body, but a reward helped! It didn’t help the cramp I kept getting in my left foot, but it helped me mentally, else I would have walked out of that class. Just kidding I would never. I was near the front and giving up and walking out in front of everyone would be too embarrassing.

Hopefully, this will be a better week for me. But let’s all just remember to tell ourselves nice things about ourselves.

Love and light,



A banting chicken pie recipe secretly filled with veggies

April 4, 2018

About a month ago I posted on my IG stories a few meals I made as meal prep for the week ahead and I received a bunch of requests from you guys to share the recipes. Naturally, my first reaction was to try and find Food Network’s number to inform them that they needed me to star alongside Siba and Jenny (also someone needs to show the channel how to make a proper gatsby, ciabatta is lekker but not for a gatsby). Just kidding, but not about the gatsby though. This banting chicken pie recipe was one of the meals I shared on my IG stories.

Many of the recipes I create I either base off an established recipe and make a bunch of changes, or I throw a bunch of ingredients together and hope for the best. This recipe was the former. Yonders ago I received a pdf of banting recipes from a coworker and was scrolling through it when I came across a chicken and spinach pie recipe that is made with cream cheese.

Now I didn’t have cream cheese on hand and I wasn’t about to go out and buy any so I replaced it with cream. Also, I felt that the recipe lacked vegetables so I added a small onion, green peppers and baby marrows. I also changed the spices used, but truth be told, the only spices in the recipe was salt and pepper, which is technically seasoning. And we all know life is too short for plain food. I came up with spinach and mushroom banting chicken pie recipe that’s flavoured with coriander.

A banting chicken pie recipe secretly filled with veggies

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Banting Tuna and Feta Quiche recipe that is easy to make

February 11, 2018

So today I created this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe after reading my pal Nadine’s protein filled quiche recipe on her blog which reminded me of the banting tuna bake recipe that I shared a while ago. So I combined the two recipes, made a few changes and came up with this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe.

Which made me think that I need to get back into meal planning as it would help me stay on track. Especially with breakfast as most mornings, I don’t have time to make a LCHF friendly breakfast. Because even though I lost 10kg since the start of the year, the last few weeks I’ve been struggling and my weight loss has stagnated. Anyway, that is for another post.

Pros of making this banting feta and tuna quiche recipe

This banting tuna and feta quiche recipe is super easy to make, and in terms of being actively being involved with the cooking is less than 20 minutes. This is why I love baked goods. Just toss stuff in the oven and Bob’s your uncle. It’s also great because it is relatively budget-friendly. I mean there’s cheese in it, but not a ton so that it would burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re following a low carb high-fat lifestyle you know how quickly the cost of meals can add up.

In order to not overpower the feta, I chose using a herb mix to season the dish. However one can definitely play around with spices. A dash of cayenne pepper, paprika and chilli flakes will give it a nice spicy flavour (make like my tuna bake recipe).

If you intend on eating the servings from this banting tuna and feta quiche recipe on it’s own, it makes 4 servings. But if you intend on having it with a side of vegetables or a green salad, will give you 6 servings.

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3 tips on being less self-conscious to overcome intimidation at the gym

January 30, 2018

We’re all into the new year, new me gig (well most of us at least). So naturally, in the month of January, my gym is fuller and busier than usual. Which I think is fantastic as people are working on their health and body goals. Some people might feel intimidated at the gym, actually I often still do. Mostly because I feel self-conscious at the gym. So here are a few tips that I use to be less self-conscious at the gym.

Join a group class

Group classes are fun, especially for people who don’t know what they’re doing (read me). Also, they’re generally really tough and if you’re feeling self-conscious, nobody will notice you because they’re all dying from the intense workout. You’ll feel great afterwards, well at least I always do. The classes I enjoy the most at Virgin Active are shape, Pound and spin.

Visit the gym at a quieter time

At my gym peak is generally before 8AM and from 4PM till about 6PM. Midday and late night, it’s rather empty, especially in the winter months. If I go to the gym on a Saturday I almost always do weight training. This is because I’m super self-conscious about doing weights, but because the gym is almost empty on weekends, I feel more comfortable.

Get a personal trainer

I used the services of a personal trainer in my preparation for the Two Oceans Half Marathon last year, and if my finances allowed, I would sign up again in a heartbeat. In my experience, personal trainers push you so hard, you can’t think about being intimidated by anyone else in the gym. Plus they show you how to use the machines and how to correctly execute exercises. Unfortunately, their services do not come cheap.

Aaptiv, a nifty app that combines playlists with trainer lead fitness instruction (think having a personal trainer in your phone while listening to cool songs), shared these useful tips on how to overcome some of the common causes of gym intimidation.

The app is pretty cool and is available on the App Store and Play Store. This post is not sponsored, however I have used a 30 day trial from Aaptiv.

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My journey

Giving up on a dream

January 4, 2018

I had written most of this post in November 2017, but only had the strength to complete it now. This post is long overdue, but I need to be honest with you my readers, but mostly I need to be honest with myself.

Near the end of 2016 I set a goal to complete the 2017 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon. As I have previously mentioned, my training plan was all over the place and I ate like crap, to be blunt. I participated in the race and only made it to the 18 km cutoff point, where I was taken off the route. Not finishing the race, I was devasted, but having people in a similar situation to me, on the bus really helped.

So I set another goal. To complete the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon. I’d written about all of these plans of what I would do and prepare for the race.

These plans were delusions of grandeur.

It is January 2018 already and the race is at the end of March. I am no closer to being prepared for the half marathon than I was on 16 April 2017. I’ve not only failed to make headway on preparing for the race but have gained weight.

I have a bad habit of quitting while I am ahead. Perhaps I did it in the race as well? Am I quitting before I fail the race, again? It is definitely not my plan. Last year I entered into the race, but it has a lotto format. So basically they allow people to enter then draw the names of people who get accepted into the race. My name wasn’t drawn and I’m not heartbroken about it. I would be wasting my money and potentially injuring myself by participating.

It feels like I am giving up on a dream.

But I’m not. At the moment I do not know which way is forward, but I’m trying to figure it out. I’ve begun looking at running plans again and I’m going back to banting today. This weekend I’ll be spending some time planning and reflecting on the way forward. Till then, I’ll keep you updated.

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