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Treating Myself this Valentine’s Day with Rain Africa Fizz Balls

February 2, 2017

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and my love life is as barren as the drought that the country is currently experiencing. I can hear the collective “ag shame”, but I think being single is as awesome as you make it. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself. After a few days off from work, I was pleasantly surprised when I found a package with three of the new Rain Africa Fizz Balls waiting on my desk.

I received Pomegranate Heart, Stardust and Lemon Fizz. The only balls from the range of Rain Africa Fizz Balls, that I did not receive was Beehive and Boat. Rain Africa describes Beehive as a tribute to the humble bee and that Boat has an oceanic surprise.


This two toned ball contains charcoal powder, which is a great detoxifier for the skin. It also contains coconut oil and basil essential oil. I’m pretty sure it contains stars as well, because there’s one sticking out of one side of the ball.

Lemon Fizz

Lemon fizz is the smallest (but not by much) of the three I received. What it lacks in size it makes up in fragrance. It contains coconut oil, which is good for nourishing the skin, and lemongrass oil, which is an antiseptic astringent and a natural fungicide.

Pomegranate Heart

These hearts are huge. You could probably gently cut it in half and get more than one bath out of it.  I can’t decide which smells better between this and the lemon fizz. It is fragranced with pomegranate and mandarin oil. The mandarin oil is good for circulation and has antiseptic properties.

I haven’t yet used my fizz balls because of water restrictions. I miss having a good bath. Spending two hours in water that has gone from hot to chilly. White wrinkled fingers and toes. Bliss isn’t it?Analysts reckon that that 2017 we’ll receive good rainfall. We had some good rains in PE today, so hopefully it was in the catchment areas and some more is on it’s way so that I can treat myself with one of my Rain Africa Fizz Balls.

So I suggest  you get stocked up and when the rainy season hits, you’ll be ready for the ultimate bathing pleasure. I legit cannot wait to use these Rain Africa Fizz Balls.

Rain Africa is also having a Valentine’s special. They’re giving a Free Pomegranate Heart with every four of their Butterballs purchased. Considering the size of the hearts, it’s a good deal. This deal is valid at their physical stores (if you didn’t know there’s one in Walmer Park Shopping Centre next to Woolies, by the Dischem entrance) as well as online.

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