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July to October 2016 Empties

November 21, 2016

It’s been a while since my last empties post so this one is jam packed. Finishing so many products gives me a feeling of accomplishment. There are a few items that I’m decluttering, but the majority are items that I’ve finished. As there’s so many that needs to be worked through, let me get onto the reviews.

Beauty Empties 6

Body Products

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Sorbet and Body Butter

As with nearly every scent in The Body Shop’s range, I love Fuji Green Tea. It’s different from the normal fruity scents that they have, but in a good way. It is light and subtle and not overwhelming. I don’t recommend using the sorbet in winter, it’s not moisturising enough, but it’s perfect for warm weather when only a light moisturiser is needed. I would repurchase both products.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

I swear this was like the never ending bottle of shower gel. It lasted me months. Mango is one of my all time favourite Body Shop scents so I will repurchase.

Oh So Heavenly On the Go Wipes

This pack of 10 wipes is great to pop in your handbag. I like these wipes. They’re very saturated, but not dripping wet and it’s not superb thin. The only thing I didn’t like is that it’s heavily scented.  I’d still repurchase them.

Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Cream

My mom got me this. Doesn’t do much for me. Tissue oil works better in my opinion. Would repurchase.

Avon Juicy Mango Bubble Bath

This bubble bath has a strong but not overpowering mango scent. It makes a decent amount of bubbles, which lasts for a decent period. This bottle lasted me ages, making it good value for money. I would definitely repurchase, and I’d like to try out some of their other scents.

Isabella Garcia Bella Essenziale Hand and Body Lotion

My mom gave me this. She got it from one of those free packages insurance companies send you to try and get you to sign up for their products. I’m not a fan of the scent. Wouldn’t purchase the actual products.

Mitchum Roll

As per my previous posts, this is my standard “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” product.

Everysun SPF 50 Family Sunscreen

This is unfortunately a declutter. It was stuck at the back of my collection for a few years and unfortunately has reached its expiration date. Items like these are the reason that I’ve begun focusing on using my make up and beauty products. Sunscreen is not exactly cheap and this bottle was still quite full, so not keeping tracking of this item led me to wasting money.


I received the Elim Spa Solutions Foot Protector and Alpha Hydroxy Acid Foot Exfoliator samples when I purchased their Medi Heel Callus Remover kit. These samples were pretty amazing at making my feet silky soft, I’d purchase the full sized products.

I also had the Nivea lotion sample. Nivea is of course a dependable and reliable brand. I’ve purchased the full size product before and would purchase it again.

Beauty Empties 5

Hair products

Garnier Nutrisse Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures range

I bought this range at Clicks with high expectations. Unfortunately I have mixed feelings about the products. The shampoo is terrible, as it is filled with sulphates. The conditioner is decent. I enjoyed the strength restorer balm, as it moisturised my hair well without making it oily and weighing it down.

Dischem Bay Rum

I use bay rum as a part of the hair growth tonic I use. It works well, so I’d repurchase it. Also its the only brand of bay rum that I could find.

HR Placenta

This placenta works well on its own and even better as an ingredient in my hair growth tonic. It comes in packs of 3 and is super affordable. Will repurchase and recommend.

Beauty Empties 4


Avon Pur Blanca

This is a light and gentle scent that is great for summer and spring. Great for days that you don’t feel like having a strong scent. I would repurchase, but with a spray cap.

Avon Luck La Vie

This is one of my favourite Avon scents. It has a fruity floral scent, which if you know me, or have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know is my favourite kind of scent. This perfume is sweet, but not overly sweet. I love the original Avon Luck as well (I’m currently using it). I would definitely repurchase.

Beauty Empties 3

Face products

African Extracts Rooibos Toners and Dual Action Moisturiser.

I have no idea why I go through toner so fast. I’m actually really enjoying the African Extracts Rooibos ranges. Why am I so surprised? Well it’s because it’s so cheap. The moisturiser is not my favourite so I’d like to try one of their other, but I’d definitely repurchase these toners.

Isabella Garcia Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel and Ultimate Serum Replenisher

Samples I recieved from them. These are barely used. Nothing much to say, except I won’t purchase the full product.

The Body Shop Tree Tea Blemish Fade Night Lotion

This helps a lot with blemishes, I saw a noticeable difference when I started using it. I only wish it was more moisturising. Would repurchase, but only if on sale.

Beauty Empties 2


Accessorize Smitten

I purchased this baby on sale at Clicks after reading people rave about it on a beauty group on Facebook. The shade is lovely, but the texture and consistency of the lipstick is absolutely terrible. I swatched it a few times but it feels like wearing a thick layer of non-oily butter on your lips.

Into the bin it goes. If all of their lipsticks have the same consistency, I won’t be purchasing another.

Avon sample size lipsticks

I can’t recall the line that these samples are from but their shades from left to right are Bare Impact, Max Mocha,Bright Nectarine, Coral Burst. When I first got these samples all of the shafdes, with the exception of Bare Impact, were too bright for me, but after a while they all grew on me.  I would purchase full sizes of all four, but at the moment I have so many lipsticks that I have to work through before I feel comfortable with buying more.

Rimmel Kate Moss 41

I bought this online thinking that the shade will suit me. It looks like I’m wearing toothpaste on my lips. It’s a pretty lipstick, just probably better suited for light skin individuals.

Baby Lips Quenched

In my February empties post I reviewed Baby Lips Cherry Me. Quench Me is much like Cherry Me, the only difference is the scent and the colour of the balm. See the previous post for my thoughts on this range.

Beauty Empties

Colour make up and miscellaneous

Kajal Kohl liner

Whenever I do an empties post I go through my makeup collection (not that it’s much of a collection) and declutter old items and items I don’t wear. Most of the items I declutted can be seen in my March empties.

I kept the kohl pencil as I was planning on using it and when I eventually got around to it, there was white stuff on it. Fortunately I had another eye pencil I could use in its place.

Sinful Colors 24/7

Pink nail polishes are some of favourite and I loved this shade from Sinful 24/7. It’s such a bright summery colour. The lighting makes it look lighter in the picture above. It’s actually a bright neon pink. Unfortunately I’ve had it for too long and the consistency became thick.  I would repurchase, but at the moment I have a ton of pink nail polishes to work through.

Kiss Beauty True Match Super blendable blusher

I bought this from a chinese shop in my university days. It’s another thing I found hiding in my closet. It’s not very pigmented and has a ton of glitter, hence why I never really used it. Into the bin it goes.

Mac Prep n Prime Skin

This primer is pretty good. It helped my foundation apply better and neautralised redness in my cheeks. I didn’t notice it increasing the longevity of my foundation, but it’s a pretty good primer.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. It is super blendable, easy to building and the coverage is quite even. But occasionally it turns orange on my face. I’m not entirely sure what causes it to oxidise and turn orange, as it doesn’t alway happen. I’d still repurchase it, but am currently working through two other foundations.

Woah this is a long post. Thanks for reading!

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    Love the idea of only reviewing products after you’ve completely finished them. I’m definitely going to try the two perfumes.

  • Reply Liza Welsh November 22, 2016 at 6:50 PM

    What a creative way of reviewing products!

  • Reply Claire Henderson November 29, 2016 at 8:15 AM

    Wowie, that’s a lot of products. Amazing post!

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