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April to June 2016 Empties

July 15, 2016

Initially when I started doing empties posts, I planned on doing them monthly. However, I do not go through products quickly and I didn’t want to bore my readers by posting the same products over and over (these being the products that I actually finish easily). I decided to do them every 3 months, or bi-monthly, depending on how quickly I do through items.

June 2016 Empties-1

Body Products and Accessories

Nivea Body Moisturiser Rich Nourishing

I received this deluxe sized sample in a goodie bag. The formula is thick but easily absorbed. It’s a good standard product.

Clicks Cosmetic Cotton Pads Smooth Sealed Edge

The quality was okay, but these pads often felt like they would fall apart when I used it with acetone or facial toner. I often forget to buy cotton pads so I’d only repurchase these if I need pads and I forgot to get them elsewhere.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Mango

I love the body butters by The Body Shop and their mango fragrance is one of my all time favourites. I would definitely repurchase this body butter in the exact same scent.

SPAR Biodegradable Baby Wipes

I only purchased this because I was out of my regular wipes and they were the only kind that I could get on my way home. Would not repurchase.

Clicks Baby Wipes

These wipes appeared in the last empties post. Would definitely repurchase.

The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds

The Organic Cotton Rounds by The Body Shop are my favourite kind of cotton pads. Unfortunately they’re quite pricy. I will however repurchase these.

Mitchum Roll On

Standard stuff also mentioned in the previous empties post.


My mom swears by this stuff. She bought it for me. Honestly I find the oil very thick and not easy to rub into the skin. The bottle doesn’t also last very long. It does however work well.

June 2016 Empties-2

Eye Products

Design Compact Eyeshadow in Pink Dutchess

Picked this up at one of the Edgars beauty sales a while back. The quality is okay and it’s super affordable. I didn’t declutter this sooner because I thought I would use it. Long story short, it wasn’t touched in a while, so it has to go. So this baby will be cleaned and given to my goddaughter. She’s getting into makeup and it will be great for her to play with.

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

This stuff is amazing. I’m already on my third tube. If you know me, you’ll know that I rarely repurchase makeup products, so being on my third tube speaks volumes on how amazing it is.

Madame Zingara Making Making Magic Make-Up Palette

This wasn’t decluttered sooner because I thought I threw it away. It was found buried in my closet. The only reason I bought this palette was because it was on sale. The bronzer and face powder were used a few times, but the eyeshadows were only swatched. I don’t like lipglosses that come in a palette so they were never used. This will also be cleaned and given to my goddaughter.

Unbranded eyeshadow brush

This had it’s good days, and now it’s done. Time to be tossed.

June 2016 Empties-6

Hair Products

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo

Loved using this shampoo. It’s an affordable sulphate free shampoo. I would definitely repurchase. I wrote about the conditioner in the previous empties.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Rich & Elegant Paisley

I’ve only ever used Batiste’s dry shampoo so I can’t compare it to other brands, but it works really well. The rich & elegant paisley scent freshens your hair without the smell being overwhelming.

Dark & Lovely Amla Legend Night Wrap Hair Cream

This works well, but only if you use a little at a time. Or else your hair will end up oily and stiff.

June 2016 Empties-7


Rihanna Rebelle

This perfume I used up as apart of a Project Pan I’m doing on Snapchat (add me I’m osoinspired). I got this years ago from Beauty Bulletin. I enjoyed the scent, which was fruity-floral (my favourite type) and would repurchase but I’m currently trying to cut down on the amount of perfume I own and I have enough bottles to currently last me till at least next year.

Perfume samples

As I threw away of my empties after I took the photos I typed the names of all of the perfume samples and my thoughts on my cellphone’s memo. I had to do a factory reset on my phone and done this before I took the info off. Very silly I know.

June 2016 Empties-10

Face Products

Gallia Anti-Blemish Moisturiser

This moisturiser was okay I guess. I’m not to impressed by it. I found the product a bit drying and sometimes it was difficult to rub into my skin and it left white blots. Would not repurchase.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

As a lover of The Body Shop products, I thoroughly enjoyed this face wash. It helped reduce the blemishes made by acne scars on my face and I swear my face feels smoother. Like most TBS products it lasts ages, which makes it good value for money.

Skin Strategy Soothing & Calm Face Mask

These masks were only R15 a pop but they didn’t really do much to my skin. I would have been better off making a mask myself.

Clicks Sea Mineral Face Mask

This is a clay mask and I love clay masks. It’s super affordable and works well. Would definitely repurchase.

Cettui Silky and Clear Nose Strip with Witch Hazel

Who else loves seeing the gunk on these strips after using them. Disgusting, I know, but I love these strips and need to get me another box as this was my last one.

Dischem Beauty Blender

I pink this oblong beauty blender up from Dischem for a mere R40. It worked well and lasted me for ages. The only reason why I tossed it is because I got nicks and little rips in it, every time I washed it. I’m more gentle with my new blender.

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Soft Tan

This product didn’t do much for me. If  I applied my make up in the morning, the mattifying effect didn’t last past 12 (not that it was very mattifying in the first place).

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What products have you used up recently? Let me know in the comments.

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