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How to remove hair dye from your skin

August 24, 2015
How to remove hair dye from your skin

Having freshly dyed hair with vibrant colour is great. Having dye stains on your skin is not. If you’ve every dyed your hair at home, chances are you’d have experienced stained skin before. In this post, I show you how to remove hair dye from your skin with an easy homemade scrub.
Having used store bought dye and henna, for most of my life, I consider myself to be proficient when it comes to dying my own hair. November last year, I went to a salon and got some highlights in a bid to become blonde. I highlighted my hair once again in January. Although I loved it, my hair was damaged and it became too high maintenance. So I started dying my hair at home once again. Since going blonde, my hair no longer holds colour as well as it used to. I dyed it black not so long ago, but knowing that I would not stick to the colour for long, I decided to use a semi-permanent dye. The only semi-permanent dye I could find, was the Clairol Nice n Easy No Ammonia. This dyes which lasts up to 24 washes and I chose the shade 83 Black.
Having dyed my hair at home multiple times I got to the stage where would not make a mess and not need too use a towel, or oil along my hair line and ears. I had never used the semi-permanent Clairol dye before, thus not realising that it is a very thin and runny dye. So I managed to get dye, basically everywhere. The basin, mirror, floor, my cellphone, a clean towel that was lying nearby and of course my forehead, ears, the back of my neck, part of my back and my shoulders. Also when I rinsed my hair, for no logical reason I decided to not use gloves and my hands ended up black as well.
The dye on my forehead I managed to clean up very quickly so there was no stain, but my ears, neck, back and shoulders were unfortunately stained. If it were small stains I wouldn’t have minded, but they were huge. Moral of the story, just use a towel. Removing hair dye from your skin is not easy, but fortunately it was semi-permanent and I acted quickly. If you’re ever in a situation like this and need to remove hair dye from your skin, here’s how to remove hair dye from your skin.

Remove hair dye from your skin scrub recipe

I knew exfoliation would help to remove the stains, so I whipped up a quick scrub in the kitchen. Here’s what I used:
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
1 Table spoon olive oil
1 teaspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice


The honey and the lemon juice help lighten the stain. The sugar gets rid of dead skin cells, which will also help lighten the stain. These ingredients can be abrasive, so the olive oil moisturises while you scrub. Do not press hard will using the scrub. It’s better to scrub for a longer period or you could end up hurting yourself. The only stain this scrub did not remove completely was the one on my back, but that was because it was difficult to reach. A perk is that your skin will be stain free, and also be silky smooth from the exfoliation.
If you try this scrub, let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you’ve had any major hair dye mishaps.

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