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2016 Knysna Half Marathon

July 3, 2015
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In order to achieve a goal, it needs to be realistic. In April when I began researching different exercise programs, I stumbled across the link to the 2015 Knysna Half Marathon. Four years ago I used to run regularly, often doing 5km and 10km runs. Back then I used to think I was unfit doing a 5km run in 32 minutes, now I cry at the time it takes me.

The furtherest I ever ran was 15km and it was gruelling. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed when I crossed the finish line that I burst out in tears, in front of my (then) team mates. If you know one thing about my, it’s that I am an ugly crier. Choking on tears, sobs and ugly streaks, perfectly describe me, but I digress. That was four years ago and I knew that no matter what training program I did, I did not have enough time to train to finish a 21.2km race within cut off. Which is why currently, my biggest fitness goal is to participate in and finish the 2016 Knysna Half Marathon.

Why Knysna? I haven’t been in the town for years. Many runners describe it as a challenging but beautiful race, as it is in a forest. I want to do a half marathon and it’s a perfect excuse for a weekend away. I have a year to prepare for it, so there is no excuse for to not do it.

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