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March 26, 2014

Tweets about rain and poor weather are streaming in from Capetonians and Joburg peeps alike, but it seems like Port Elizabeth hasn’t yet gotten the memo that the country is supposed to be heading towards winter.

It’s been so hot the past few weeks, if you’re in The Bay, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is mid-summer. I’m not exaggerating,  on Monday the weather in the Bay was 29°C (84.2°F) and 34°C(93.2°F) in Uitenhage. Yes everyone heads to our shores over the festive season for the hot summer sun, but personally, I feel the best time to go the beach is only arriving now.

There are no crowds, school children are back in class, there’s tons of parking space everywhere you go (unless you’re going anywhere just after payday), you can go out in public and not get bumped into and the inlanders have gone home (no offence inlanders but some of you do not know seaside etiquette). I can’t speak for other coastal areas but now from now to June, its the best time to visit The Bay and catch a tan.

Well, that’s just my opinion and I like being different, just like this towel from Vertty. Unlike most ‘beach’ towels Vertty a triangle inspired design and comes in a cool triangular box. I find it really stylish and for me, that is a first for a beach towel.

These towels are huge. I’m a big girl and when lying on it, not a millimetre of skin touches the ground. It also has a hidden waterproof pocket, which is ideal for hiding your keys and cellphone from the not so friendly beachgoers. A great thing about it is that it’s also fast drying and not bulky, making it really easy to fold.

There are 9 colour options in the range and they each go for €69.90. I received a towel called Savvy, which is a gorgeous mixture of red and pinkish shades.

The photos I took turned out terrible so I will upload new ones at a later stage and update this post.

Check out the Vertty website and their video below, which makes it feel like summer again. Oh wait, it still is in The Bay.

Vertty – Shape Shifter from Vertty on Vimeo

Featured image via Pixabay

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