The perks of being single in the winter

July 24, 2013

Gather your boots, coats, jackets and scarves ladies cause winter is here. As an expert at singledom, I am naturally the ideal candidate to blog about this topic. In fact, I am pretty close to getting my PhD in it.

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There’s this popular belief that winter is the best time to be in a relationship, mostly due to keeping warm and the BMWs, which apparently does not refer to the car model. Being single in winter is not as bad as most people and romantic comedies may make it seem. Okay so you don’t have a warm body heating you up on chilly nights, at least there’s nobody to stealing the blankets or your hot chocolate. So here are my totally awesome perks of being single during winter:

Like I said before you get to keep all the warm, fluffy and gloriously comfortable duvets to yourself.

During the middle and start of winter the Easter chocolates are on sale and you can stock up without anyone judging you. Chocolate understands everything. Whether you’re sad, happy, angry, confused, have too much emotions or none at all emotions, chocolate is always there for you and it is the solution to almost every problem, except losing weight.

On the topic of weight, with exception of your mother, nobody will point out your winter weight gain and those muffin tops are exceptionally handy in keeping you warm.

You can eat ice cream in the freezing cold without any one judging you. You’ll also be able to eat your weight in popcorn.

You won’t need to go out or dress up so it’s okay if you spend your Saturdays on the couch watching The Walking Dead reruns, while wearing track pants.

It’s okay if you stop shaving for a while. You’ll be covered in jackets and long pants so it’s not like anyone will see your hairy legs and you’ll be saving on waxing and/or shaving supplies. It’s a win-win situation.

With all of these perks, why would anyone want to be in a relationship?

What’s your favourite single perk or do you prefer being in a relationship?

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