Essence All That Greys Palette Review

    July 18, 2016
    Essence All That Greys Palette

    Essence recently released their latest trend edition, All That Greys, which is inspired by the 192os. Also known as the roaring 20s, this period was famous for extravagant parties and the Hollywood sirens who made popular the smoky eye look. The trend edition consists of loose powder, lipgloss, nail polish and stickers, lashes, smoky eye pencil and an eyeshadow palette. I picked up the Essence All That Greys Palette from Clicks to try out.

    Essence All That Greys Palette neutral

    The Essence All That Greys Palette

    The palette is made from sleek black plastic with an art deco texture on the lid. The palette consists of 7 shades and has a duo ended brush. It has a large mirror that covers the entire inside of the lid. The back of the palette has an application guide which helps you create the perfect smoky eye look.

    All of the eyeshadows were quite buttery and I experienced little to no, fall out when applying most of the shadows. The shadows are easy to apply and blend.

    All That Greys-5

    The Colour Range

    The Essence All That Greys Eyeshadow Palette is not all greys but consists of a selected range of rose, red and grey shadows. None of the shadows have names but I will describe them to the best of my ability. For the purpose of this review, they are numbered from left to right.

    1 – Light rose shade. It has a satin finish and has good pigmentation. As I am quite dark, on my skin tone it looks more like white than a light pink.

    2 – Medium rose shade. This shade is not much darker than the first, but it is pinker (and is visibly pink on my skintone). It also has a satin finish.

    3 – Rose red shade. This is the darkest rose shade and can be used on the outer corner of the eye. Out of all of the rose shades, this one suits my skin tone the best.

    4 – Silver shade. This is probably the only disappointing shade in the palette. It just doesn’t show up very well. It is probably best used as a highlight in the inner corners of the eyes.

    5 – Light grey shade. It is super pigmented and blends really well.

    6 – Charcoal shade. This shade is also super pigmented. I did experience some fall out with this shade, but nothing major.

    7 – Gunmetal shade. Very pigmented and has a satin finish.

    All That Greys-7

    Swatched from the bottom up, 1 to 7.

    Longevity of the product

    I have oily eyelids and often find that eyeshadows do not last and somehow just “disappear”. Last week I had done a makeup look with this shadow. I used all of my regular products and the only other product I put on my lids was the LA Girl Concealer, which I used as a eyeshadow primer. I applied the first pink all over my lid, the second grey in the crease and the third grey on my outer lid. The look was finished with winged liner using the Essence eyeliner pen and double set with an unbranded jet black eyeshadow. I applied my make up at 6:45AM and took it off at 11PM that evening. I went to work and in the evening I went ice skating and the shadow lasted. It didn’t look as great as it did in the morning but it didn’t “disappear” or smear all over my eyes, creating a panda look. I wish I had the Essence All That Greys Palette when I attended a Great Gatsby themed party last year.

    The price and where you can buy it

    This is probably one of Essence’s more expensive items as it retails forR96.50, but for 7 good quality eyeshadows, this is still quite affordable. Customers can purchase the range at Clicks and Dischem and if you’re keen on the Essence All That Greys Palette , you’ll need to hurry. Essence’s trend editions tend to sell out quite quickly and as they’re normally limited editions, once they’re gone, you’ve missed out.

    I give the Essence All That Greys Palette two thumbs up.

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